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Alice Bowley

the MindBody Reconnect

Guiding people in their recovery from chronic illness through one-to-one coaching. Specialising in:

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome         (CFS/ME)

            Post-viral fatigue 




             Long Covid 





Other chronic conditions

Alice Bowley- The MindBody Reconnect


I'm Alice and I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, signed off work and told by my doctor there was no treatment. I then did The MindBody Reconnect (MBR) and fully recovered. It had such an impact on me I now help others get their lives back.

I can help you heal yourself from chronic illness by teaching you about the role of the brain in creating ill health and providing the tools for recovery.
My interview with Raelan Agle
Meet Alice

Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional about any health concerns before contacting me.

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