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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the sessions and how many will I need?

Each session is an hour long. At first they will be weekly then moving to fortnightly and monthly as you practice the techniques and develop new habits. Everybody is different so it varies greatly but most people need 8-12 sessions.

Can we meet in person?

I currently only offer online sessions via video calls on Google Meet.

Is this therapy?

It is in many ways a 'self guided therapy' and a course, as I will teach you techniques and guide you in a process of learning what you need- what everyone needs is different. It is not counselling, CBT or psychotherapy. It will involve talking about how you are feeling and taking steps to make positive changes to create a life that meets your needs- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Is this Mickel Therapy?

The MindBody Reconnect founder Clare Caldwell used to practice Mickel therapy but MBR has now evolved beyond Mickel Therapy incorporating the teachings of Gabor Mate and others.

Does MBR work for all ailments?

Reconnecting the mind and body can support the body to heal whatever you are experiencing, but you should always consult a doctor about your symptoms before coming to us. We specialise in chronic conditions.

Got more questions?

Let's have a chat and talk through your questions. Click the button below to book a free 30 minute consultation

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