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In this video Rose Dunne talks about her experience of doing MBR with Alice...

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"A friend recommended me Alice’s coaching and I decided to give it a go after my health issues had become a massive hindrance to my daily and social life. I was suffering from acid reflux symptoms, IBS and digestive issues, palpitations and fatigue. After booking the first session, I already noticed a difference in my symptoms. Alice’s explanation of MBR practice and the underlying theory behind were very clear and spoke to me immediately. It took me a while, though, to fully integrate the coaching exercises I was given - my ‘control brain’ was somehow resisting it and making me feel doubtful about the process. After a few sessions, I noticed a shift and started to see some change.


Overall the method made me realise how much, and for how long, I had been carrying my life in denial of my own needs. Alice’s specific understanding of activists’ burnout was also particularly helpful in my recovery, as I felt truly understood. She made me realise how much I was denying myself to feel joy as a justification for the guilt I felt for all the ills of the world. I started to resist the urge to overwork and guilt-trip myself about everything and, slowly, allowed some joy back into my life. Alice’s coaching was the impetus for my booking of a long summer holiday which gave me the break my body and mind were desperately in need of. 


I have since been speaking to many friends and family about MBR and how truly transformative the approach is to heal chronic health and mental health issues. Thanks to Alice’s coaching I am now approaching my health symptoms with a curious and welcome outlook, enquiring my body what it wants to tell me, in awe of that source of information I have right at my fingertips. I cannot recall the last time I felt such at peace with my mind and body - and everyday I now cherish that trust I have regained with myself, which feels like a true gift and force.


I am ever so grateful for Alice’s brilliant coaching and MBR and wish that everyone could have access to this practice’s transformative tools."

-Emilie, Sept 2023

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