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In this video Rose Dunne talks about her experience of doing MBR with Alice...

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"Alice worked with me after I'd experienced panic attacks and related symptoms, probably arising from the menopause and Covid. 

Initially, Alice was clear about the purpose and approaches used in MBR and was welcoming and reassuring from the first online meeting. She gauged my needs quickly so that I felt seen, understood and confident to speak openly. Every session included lots of time for me to talk about my symptoms and feelings. Alice then suggested actions and techniques that helped me to understand my experiences and feel more in control of life and work. This built up gradually over time but I could see progress very quickly. Alice provided reading material that meant I could remind myself of what she had taught me during the sessions. This was particularly helpful to re-read when I experienced symptoms and meant that I was able to feel like I was taking constructive action to get better.

Over 4 months I went from being almost housebound to being able to manage and enjoy social situations, regular running and yoga and travelling and attending face to face meetings for work. My confidence is steadily increasing and brain fog is lifting. I'm able to enjoy life more fully and life is getting back to normal after over a year. There have been clear physical, emotional and intellectual benefits to the support that Alice provided.

I can't thank Alice enough. I enjoyed sessions, even when they were quite demanding, and really appreciated her sense of humour, direct and clear communication and openness about her own experiences."

May 2024


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