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Meet Alice

I suffered from CFS/ME for 3 years and then fully recovered through The MindBody Reconnect (MBR). I had fatigue, pain, migraines, heart palpitations and insomnia, amongst many other symptoms, which eventually resulted in me being signed off work and housebound. I was told by my doctor that there was no cure and I must learn to live with my symptoms. I was initially sceptical of the MBR approach but not only did my symptoms completely improve but MBR also empowered me with the tools to understand and respect myself, leading me to create a more fulfilled life with healthy relationships. This inspired me to train with Clare Caldwell to become a qualified MBR Practitioner and share my knowledge with others. 

I have successfully guided people in their recovery from ME/CFS, Long Covid, IBS, anxiety, depression, insomnia and migraines, amongst other chronic conditions, using the MBR approach.


As well as being an MBR practitioner, I am a mother with an interest in herbal medicine, social justice and nature connection. I am trained in Organic growing, Social and Therapeutic Horticulture and Nature and Health Facilitation. I have years of experience supporting people with their wellbeing and I'm passionate about viewing health through a personal, social and political lens.


'The very nature of the system in which people live their lives is a significant source of illness' - Gabor Mate


Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional about any health concerns before contacting me.

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