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Recommended Reading and Links


MindBody Connection and emotions

The Myth of Normal - Gabor Mate

When the Body Says No - Gabor Mate

Permission to Feel- Mark Brackett

The Highly Sensitive Person- Elaine Aaron

The Somatic Therapy workbook- Livia Shapiro

Cured- Dr Jeff Rediger


Triggers- David Richo

The Gift- Edith Eger


The Happiness Trap- Russ Harris

Chatter- Ethan Kross

Anxiety Rx- Russell Kennedy

Childhood and attachment theory

Hold onto your Kids - Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate

The book you wish your parents had read- Philippa Perry

Feminism and women's empowerment

Unbound- A Woman's guide to Power- Kasia Urbaniak

Sister Outsider- Audre Lorde

Society and poltitics

On connection- Kae Tempest

The Politics of Trauma: somatics, healing and social justice- Staci Haines

The Happiness Problem: Sam Wren-Lewis







Gabor Mate- The Stress Disease Connection

Gabor Mate- The Myth of Normal

My interview with Raelan Agle

Clare Caldwell explaining the basic principles of MBR

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